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Sustainable Careers Seminar with the Science Museum Group


The Mount School pupils from Years 7-9 attended an online seminar organised by the Science Museum Group on Thursday.  

The workshop was hosted by STEM ambassadors and introduced the girls to the diverse range of sustainable career opportunities available to them. Four guest speakers from various industry sectors discussed the routes they took to achieve their careers, and the developments they have utilised.  

The webinar commenced with the inspirational quote, ‘Make your passion your profession’ before the first speaker, Claire, took to the microphone.


The speakers for the session and the topic they discussed were: 

1 – Claire, University of Manchester, and Teaching Fellow/PhD Researcher at University of Salford. Claire works for Greater Homes for Greater Manchester, a partnership providing social housing for the people of Manchester.  

2 – Lindsay, the Conflict and Environment Observatory. Her role involves using satellite imagery to search trends and changes in the environment. She described the impact wars can have on the environment, including the production, use and disposing of weapons post war. 

3 – Paddy, Forestry England, detailed how protection of woods and nature helps to support the economy and the construction industry. His organisation aims to act on behalf of wildlife, the people, and the climate. 

4 – Emily, Data Analyst. In her role at an Engineering Consultancy, Emily uses digital technology to solve environmental problems. 

Each speaker discussed the fluidity of sustainable careers and how our career paths can change and transition over time. The speakers also encouraged the audience to consider how they can achieve further qualifications and expertise at any age. 


Thoughts on sustainable careers:

Claire Brown told us how she parents as well as how she manages her career – I thought that was important” – Minnie, Year 7

 I enjoyed seeing all the different aspects of environmental jobs” – Romey, Year 8  

“It was nice hearing that you can swap jobs not just one career path “ Annabel, Year 8

“It was interesting how there are loads of jobs you could do” – Asta, Year 8

“I learnt that there is a lot of collaboration between technology and environmental companies, and I think that will be useful for the future” – Elizabeth, Year 9 


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