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The Mount School Experience So Far


Joining The Mount is a great experience. Even though everyone may be a bit nervous on that first day, nerves are soon dispelled as pupils launch themselves into the rigors of learning, playing and having fun in ways that only girls can in a single-sex environment.  

Most new pupils will have had a taster day or two before joining, but even those who have not soon find their feet and begin to enjoy themselves.  

We spoke to some of the girls who joined in the Summer term to ask them about their experiences, and what they like about being at The Mount.  

“I really like it. I like everything about The Mount, actually. I really like playing outside. Today we went into the forest and we made our own pestle with bits of wood and a stick. Each House got to make their own land art and we made a daisy flower made of twigs and bits of wood.” – Emily

Our Quaker ethos encourages girls to respect and value every individual, which begins with each girl being able to find and value her own voice.  

“I’m enjoying The Mount a lot and I feel like I’ve been able to grow more as a person. At my old school, they held me back most of my creativity, but I feel like I can really express myself here.” – Jessica 

Everyone has their own ‘favourite things’ about being at The Mount.  

“Joining The Mount has been great. I’ve enjoyed the Maths. I do like Swimming too!” – Athena 

“I like the Clubs, and the swimming. I like gardening clubs. It’s too bad we don’t have craft club today!” – Ariana and Mira  

“I’m enjoying myself very much so far. I’m not really sure which I like more, the grounds or the food!” – Annaliese 

“The Mount is good, it’s really nice. I like all the different stuff going on, like Family Day and the Summer Festival today. It has a very nice family feel.” – Esther 

“It’s going really well, I’m really enjoying it. I’m enjoying the community, and the lessons. It’s really interesting and it’s fun.” – Emily 

Many find, to their surprise, that the all-girl environment is a definite plus.  

“The Mount is different to my old school, but it’s good. In being an all-girls’ school, The Mount is nicer and you feel more safe. There are more after-school clubs to enjoy. More subjects and better teachers in those subjects.” – Ayesha  

Our uniquely warm, welcoming community makes a definite impression.  

“I’m finding the school great. Everyone is really friendly. These couple of weeks have been really nice but it’s also sad to watch College II go.” – Miranda 

“It’s fun. I’ve enjoyed the sports the most. I’ve been here now for an entire term. Ruby and Peggy and the girls in my year helped me settle in. For girls who are nervous about joining a bit later in the year, It’s fine, it’s fun and everyone’s really welcoming.” – Emma 

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