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Vakare’s Invitation to England Ice Hockey Society


Year 7 pupil, Vakare has been invited by National England and Wales Ice Hockey Society to attend their upcoming training camp and trials commencing next week.  

This invitation-only opportunity will see the crème de le crème of junior ice hockey players unite to receive bespoke training and guidance from some of the UK’s top ice hockey coaches.  

Vakare has shown exceptional talent despite her young years, and a promising start to her sporting career which she hopes to pursue in the future. “I really want to carry on playing ice hockey for a long time and I hope I continue to be offered these really good opportunities like this camp. At the try-outs, I can learn from other people, and it is really going to help me.”  

“My head coach really recommends me which I’m really happy about. He tells me that I am good and knows that when I am going to be a bit older, he is hopefully going to put me forward for the national team. I get a lot of attention for my ice hockey playing and I really like my team.” 

She was first introduced to the sport after she was encouraged to find a hobby she loved by trying a variety of clubs and activities. Although ice hockey is less readily available in the York area, Vakare had the full support of her mother to try it and she hasn’t looked back since. “When I first got on the ice, I just knew it was meant for me, and now I have been doing it for almost two years now”, she explained. “I really enjoy it; I like using my strength and it is fun to win and be on the ice. You don’t really get the chance to go on the ice all the time usually, most people only go on the ice once a month or so, but I get to go every week.” 

This exciting development training opportunity will offer Vakare the chance to follow in the footsteps of two senior players from her current team, Leeds Junior Knights, who were previously selected to represent the England National Team and are now headed for Spain to play ice hockey full-time.  

She will be joined by two of her current teammates at the camp and is pleased to see more and more girls enjoying the unique sport she loves. “I will be with two of my friends so it is good that there will be two other girls I know there. When I first joined my team I was the only girl and now there are 6 of us so I am excited that more girls are playing ice hockey.” 

We wish Vakare the best of luck with her training and look forward to seeing her success continue. #WeKnowGirlsCan

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