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Wellbeing Leaders Prepare to Share Advice & Guidance  


Last month it was announced that a group of College I volunteers would take on the role of well-being leaders, offering their services to help and support the emotional well-being of younger Mount pupils and their peers.  

Six pupils in Year 12 will assume the position as they dedicate time to connecting and building trusting relationships with the younger pupils. This new programme will allow girls an alternative outlet to turn to for help, from someone who is familiar with the trials and tribulations of being a teenager and is not in a traditional authoritarian role. 

As part of the five ways to well-being initiative, developed by Mind UK and the NHS, the girls created a presentation introducing themselves and the various ways in which they are available to aid those around School who may require someone to lend a listening ear or piece of useful advice and guidance. 

The newly appointed well-being advisors rehearsed their presentation in front of an audience of staff members for final feedback in preparation for delivering it to their fellow pupils before Christmas. The presentation includes a brief introduction to each of the girls and their general interests, alongside the aims of the initiative and helpful contact details to use if required. Pupils will be able to speak with the Well-being Leaders at regular drop-in sessions throughout the school day.  

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