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PeaceJam Youth Leadership and European Leadership


Mount girls have commenced working with the PeaceJam Youth Leadership Team and the PeaceJam European Leadership Team. These teams meet online throughout the year, with opportunities to get together in person for invaluable and unique training in youth leadership.
Girls from Year 9 upwards were invited to join the Youth Leadership Team, which welcomes pupils across the UK. Next weekend, Ava (Year 10), Caterina (College I) and Libby (College I) who signed up, will join a one-day PeaceJam Slam in Leeds. The Youth Team also offers opportunities throughout the academic year for social action projects, writing articles for the PeaceJam newsletter, which is sent to over 1,000 recipients worldwide, internships with PeaceJam and involvement with the next PeaceJam Slam in Winchester on 16 March.
College girls were invited to join the European Leadership Team, which welcomes pupils across the European continent, including Belgium, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia and the UK. As well as their usual planning meetings, the EYT enjoys a screening every two months of a film about the life of a Nobel Peace Laureate. At the end of November, they will watch the film, Dalai Lama – Scientist. PeaceJam Romania has a conference in April, for which there may be an opportunity for the team to attend. Team members are also welcome to contribute to the EYT’s online blogs.
We look forward to hearing more after next Saturday’s PeaceJam Slam in Leeds.

The girls said they were excited about the social action projects, and to make a difference in their communities.
In 2015, The Mount was named a PeaceJam School of Excellence. Girls have enjoyed many opportunities through PeaceJam including the Winchester Conference in 2019, YorKits in 2020, an educational video in 2017, Conference in Brussels in 2016 and the LifeBag Appeal which inspired people around the city of York which saw over 500 ‘LifeBags’ delivered to lone child refugees in asylum camps of Thessaloniki.
The Mount’s PeaceJam curriculum strongly supports our Quaker ethos.
Click here to watch the BBC News story on LifeBags.

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